Terms of service

General Provisions

The following Agreement outlines the terms and conditions governing the services provided by Blogalp Exchanger, a peer-to-peer platform for electronic currency transfers across various payment systems. This Agreement constitutes the official written public offer addressed to individuals (referred to as "Users") to engage in an Agreement with Blogalp Exchanger under the conditions outlined herein. Prior to utilizing the services provided by Blogalp Exchanger, Users are required to thoroughly read the terms of this Agreement. The use of Blogalp Exchanger's services is only permissible upon the User's acceptance of all terms outlined in this Agreement. The current version of the Agreement is publicly accessible on the Blogalp Exchanger website (https://blogalp.com/).

2. Terms and Definitions

  • Blogalp Exchanger Service: Refers to the peer-to-peer platform for electronic currency transfers across different payment systems, offering its services to all Users through a specialized program interface.
  • Website of the Service: https://blogalp.com/
  • User: Any individual wishing to utilize the services of Blogalp Exchanger and who agrees to this Agreement's terms.
  • Payment System: A software product developed by a third party, serving as a mechanism for recording monetary and/or other obligations, facilitating payments for goods and services online, and organizing mutual settlements between users.
  • E-currency: Digital representation of monetary and/or other obligations between the currency's developer and its users.
  • Payment/Transaction: The transfer of electronic and/or other currency from the payer to the recipient.
  • Client of Payment System: An individual who has entered into an agreement with the corresponding payment system to acquire property rights or claims measured in the conventional units accepted within the payment system.
  • Order: Information provided by the User via the Service in electronic form, indicating their intent to utilize the Service's services under the specified conditions.
  • Initial Currency: The currency that the User intends to exchange.
  • Source Account: The User's account number or any other designation within the Payment System from which the Source Currency was sent.
  • Receiving Currency: The currency received by the User as a result of exchanging the Source currency.
  • Receiving Account: The User's account number in the Payment System to which the Receiving Currency will be sent.
  • Reserve Currency: The amount of money available within the Blogalp Exchanger Service at the time of placing an Order, representing a certain amount of electronic currency.
  • Currency Exchange: The exchange of electronic currency from one payment system to another.
  • Exchange Rate: The value ratio between two electronic currencies at the time of their exchange.
  • Service Disruption: Interference with the software or hardware of the Service, distortion of transmitted parameters, or creation of orders without actual payment for a determined period.

3. Subject of the Agreement

The Agreement's subject is the exchange of electronic currencies between individuals via peer-to-peer payments facilitated by Blogalp Exchanger. The Service offers its services to all Users and does not oversee any User transactions within any Payment System. Once an electronic currency exchange transaction is completed, it cannot be canceled by the User after the funds have been received, whether in electronic or fiat currency, in accordance with the previously agreed-upon terms of the transaction.

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