Affiliate Program

Any registered user of Blogalp Exchanger can use our Affiliate Program. Through you can earn up to 5% For every exchange transaction facilitated through your referral link, you will receive a commission. You can withdraw your accumulated earnings at any convenient time without restriction. The processing period for payment of your profits typically ranges from one to five business days. This describes an affiliate or referral program where the individual receives payouts or commissions for facilitating currency exchanges through their unique referral link. The earnings from these commissions can be withdrawn on-demand without any holding period or restrictions. However, there is a standard processing time of one to five business days before the withdrawn profits are remitted to the recipients account. My rephrasing aims to convey the core points about earning commissions, flexible withdrawal timing, and the expected payment processing duration in a way that does not appear directly copied from the original.

How it works?
When a user enters through your link, we automatically record your ID number in our system. If the user has requested to exchange and has successfully completed the exchange, you will receive your profit exclusively and non-transferably 5% If a customer wishes to exchange $100 and the current exchange rate is $1 = 0.95 of the local currency, then the customer will receive 95 units of the local currency. The business will retain the $100 and provide the equivalent amount, calculated using the stated exchange rate, to the customer. This outlines the basic transaction where the customer provides one currency and receives the equivalent value in another currency based on the prevailing exchange rate. The business facilitates this currency exchange, exchanging the customers currency for the local currency using the stated rate. The provided example illustrates the application of the exchange rate to determine the amount the customer receives in the new currency. 5% of 5

How to use Affiliate Program:
  1. Login with your account
  2. Go to tab "Referrals"
  3. Copy link and share it to your friends, social network or other place and wait to get your profits